Comfort(ing) Food

*taken as part of the 10-day “you” challenge. Day six’s theme is “food”

To paraphrase loosely from an author:

I only eat for three good reasons:

When I’m happy

When I’m sad

And for any other reason

These then are five tasty treats that have gone a long way in assuaging my soul:

1. Mama D’s Chicken- if ever there was something that embodied “home cooking” for me, it’s a heaping pile of Mama D’s golden-fried chicken. Having been around my grandparents’ house ever since my mother was a kid, she’s the unofficial grand-aunt who welcomes me with open arms and a full plate whenever I swing around to visit. Did I mention her fried chicken was to die for? It is. I’d kill for a plate of it right now. I really would.

2. Commericial Milkshake “A”- to the first, generic, run-of-the-mill milkshake my mom bought at a supermarket and strong-armed me to drink. In my four-year-old mindset, there was no way that “shaken milk” could ever taste good (I mean, wasn’t milk made of that powdery stuff you mix with water and stir?). Fast-forward 18 years after Milkgate and all of a sudden everything that moves and crawls is open season. Kudos to shaken milk for starting me out on my palatable pursuits.

3. Sunday Morning Spuds – during years 5-7 of my existence, it became a routine every Sunday for my grandfather to buy me french fries (at the behest of my parents and grandmother) at this particular place rhyming with “McRonald’s”. It was pure joy for him to see his grandson stuffing his face full of deep-fried potatoes and prattling on about what he learned at Sunday school (sometimes at the same time, to comedic effect). An image that’s forever burned into my mind, reminding me sometimes that true happiness need not be extravagant (about $3.00 actually, for the price of a large-sized McRonald’s french fries).

4. Oodles and oodles of noodles – a mandatory stop I make to my favorite ramen house every once in a while when bad days stretch into bad weeks. My hunching over to eat is my act of reverence; my slurping the sweet sound of hosannahs being sung to the chef. Non-believers unlucky enough to attempt to converse during my times of deep concentration are often tuned out until the session is over, or when the noodle bowl is empty.

Rapturous Meditation

5. Unfunny, Corny Beef– My go-to breakfast for over a year. Corned beef hash. Corned beef omelette. Steamed corned beef. Corned beef fried rice. The list goes on. Looking for new items to add to the menu occupied my Sunday mornings. If it were up to me, I’d keep a whole pantry of corned beef just to expand on that idea. But as they say, too much of a good thing (read: sodium) is bad, and overdosing on a good thing is, well, bad-der.

Most of these items have one thing in common: They made memories. Good ones.

In the end, good food is really good when it does this.



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