And then, there was silence.

Finishing the 10-day challenge supposedly gave me the leeway to not post anything for about two weeks. Great thinking right? Since blogging about one, singular topic, is currently proving to be impossible, I’ll try and see how pooling together my thoughts from yesteryear will work:

Borderlands 2 is awesome. No, really. It should be mandated that everyone secure a copy and play until at least the 6th Chapter. And for everyone who’ve never heard of Borderlands 1? They should buy the game and place it on their mantles, beside Borderlands 2. For, you know, completion’s sake.

– I thought it was a genius move to buy a cheap no-name guitar cable last April. After all, no one can really tell the difference between a Planet Waves cable and a made-in-some-other place unknown, right? Fast forward to December where said no-name cable died on me and I ended up buying a Planet Waves cable. Some things, you DO get what you pay for.

It even looks sturdier.

– Detours in life (like, for example, learning last February that I bombed my licensure exam) has some hidden perks. It sucks, big time, but it has a way of pulling you back down to earth. And making you appreciate a simple, heartfelt “it’s okay” and a hand around your shoulder when you’re beating yourself up.

– Conversely, to paraphrase the Apostle Paul, if I had the knowledge of all licensure tests past to present, and possessed the vocabulary of ten different extinct civilizations,  but could never bring myself to say a heartfelt “it’s okay” and put my hand around a needy friend’s shoulder because they’re being weak and need to grow up, then I am by all definitions of the word, a blowhard.

or, this guy.

– My mom’s Kindle Paperwhite? Best thing that ever happened. Now we can both fight over a digital book(s) instead of a real one.

– Coffee is the real Black Gold. Especially when ingested in ridiculous amounts around people you can laugh and be reasonably brainless with. Is that possible? Reasonably brainless? My friends and family can answer that.

– I love writing. Getting paid to write felt like taking a paid vacation, with the perks. Which is why I resolve to take more projects this upcoming year. Which translates to me taking more paid vacations, with perks. Heck of an analogy.

– I feel a jolt of excitement every. single. week. when our musical director or worship leader in the church sends the Sunday setlist. Whether it’s sent a week in advance or two days before Sunday, my palms sweat, my heart beats faster, and I’d feel the sudden urge to go to the bathroom.

– Contrary to what anyone thinks, there is no “holy grail” for guitar tone. But the feeling I get when I get thiiiiiis close and actually enjoy my sound for that Sunday? Like eating a Banana Cream Pie all by myself.

– Related to that, the feeling I get when plugging my guitar straight into the amp and copping a semi-acceptable Andy Timmons sound? Like eating a Banana Cream Pie by myself and finding out I lost weight:


– Despite believing myself to be a paragon of Knowledge and the reincarnation of Confucius, Buddha, and C.S. Lewis rolled into one, I find out I am not immune to having crushes. And acting like a total doofus around said crush.

– I am liking this new “snippet” format. It allows me to tackle a lot of thoughts instead of focusing on one, major blog topic. I should do this more. Yes, I should.

– Was pontificating on my locale’s ship port and how their system was too inept to process backlogged requests efficiently (all the while feeling smart about knowing all this). My companions then pointed out how a common friend was continuing smile and live life in “the Joy of the Lord” despite financial and personal family turmoil and I instantly felt like a spoiled brat for not being able to wait for the ship port to process MY backlogged request.

– I sometimes harbor thoughts about being pretty good at playing the guitar. Then Larry Carlton plays a note, and I am put in my place.

– To paraphrase an old, often overlooked song: Grace? The unconditional, loving kind? It’s really amazing. And the third line in the song? About being a wretch? It isn’t there for poetic emphasis. It’s what we really are, or at least what I really am. A base, despicable and vile person (thank you Merriam-Webster). But you know what? This grace happens to be extended to me, a base despicable and vile person who can’t wait for the ship port to process his backlogged request. And that’s amazing-er.

T’was Grace that taught my heart to fear.
And Grace, my fears relieved.
How precious did that Grace appear
The hour I first believed.

( Very Belated) Happy New Year, everyone.


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