This is more of a status update than anything else. I’ve had a lot on my plate recently (more on this below) and decided to drabble a bit given a crack of daylight in the schedule. This is a self-reminder that I have a blog, which I think I will need when I “go back down to the trenches”, so to speak:

– So I got an offer to write a twice-a-month article for a local newspaper. Exciting? You bet. Nerve wracking? You bet. But I suppose I’ll get used to it as the year goes on. Should I end up in an asylum this 2013, that statement will be invalid. The things I do for the things I love.

-Speaking of love, there’s nothing I love better than playing on my new acoustic (which I blogged about in my last entry). For a small-bodied guitar, it’s got a lot of projection. And it plays nice. The only time I stop playing it is when I need to pick up my electric guitar. Which I have been doing a lot more recently.

-Why is that? Well, one of the things I’m busy with is a post valentine’s concert for a cause. That’s at least 16 songs that need almost-every-night rehearsing. Not so hard really, except that the majority of us playing are holding day jobs, for obvious reasons, and can only practice outside of working hours. Which means every night until the 15th of February.

– Every-night practice should be tiring. This doesn’t explain why I’m still practicing after practice to get my parts right. The things I do for the things I love.

– Speaking of love, it’s a post-Valentine’s concert, so all of the songs are (spoiler alert) about love. Let the aural cheese-fest begin.

– Let it be known that the cheese-fest has made me act like an even bigger dork around my not-supposed-to-be-there crush. Realization: I’ll never be a “smooth operator” and it’s a good thing I don’t have to be. The art of laughing at yourself is something that I’ve been slacking off on, anyway.

– Playing for our Sunday Service at less-than-100% brain capacity makes me remember how fortunate I am that, despite being able to easily glorify Himself better, God chooses to allow me and my less-than-100% brain capacity to do it.

– I remember when Worship  was all about Jesus redeeming me, and not about amplifiers, face-melting riffs and Stratocasters. It still is; I just need to be reminded from time to time.

Back to the trenches for me. Here’s hoping for more cracks of daylight.


2 thoughts on “Daylight

  1. Hi Jedd, you are growing up as a writer. I can actually see and understand what you mean. What I truly mean is you have a knack of bringing your readers to that place where you’ve been… Keep it up. The musings, the updates and anything that keeps the blog writing going. Be one of your “readers.”


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