(Long and Overdue) Lazy Saturday

Among the highlights of my low-activity Saturday:

– Getting a haircut

– Drinking coffee

-Changing the strings of my guitar

-Drinking more coffee

-Getting to watch a full basketball game on TV

-Drinking even more coffee (my coffee mug is probably bitter right now. Because, you know, coffee is bitter, and bitter can also mean being mad at someone, and….never mind)

-Blogging. Again. Because blogging more than twice a week is my new way to change the writing game and attract new viewers quicker. I amaze myself sometimes.

My other plan to change the music game. More people will be concerned with what I’m playing with (good) than what notes I’m actually playing (even better).

save for the string change, not touching my guitars at all today. Practice is good. It’s even recommended. But sometimes the best thing you can do is to take time off, listen and/or watch for things that will inspire you again, and then go back to practicing.

-exercise (I say this in the future, hopefully-I-get-off-the-bed-and-I-know-I-should tense. As much as I believe “to man is the outward appearance but the Lord looks at the heart”, my heart’s probably not in the right place if I’m choosing to spam Twitter with inspirational quote after inspirational quote while eating potato chips off my stomach over disciplining my body and maintaining its’ conditioning.)

What else will I do? In the immortal words of Porky Pig: “Th-th-th-tha-tha-tha-that’s all, folks!”

P.S – since I’m too lazy to edit my previous post and am posting a new one anyway….I’ve recently got a lot of props over blog posts and writings that, in all humility, I let flow and write spontaneously instead of feverishly googling for a more highfalutin way of saying “happy”. I guess, to paraphrase a friend, my most important lesson over the year of blogging is that, despite believing myself to be a decently good writer, I’m actually more of a pen in the hands of a Master writer. And that I should simply be grateful and overwhelmed to be dotting his “i”s, crossing his “t”s and ending his sentences with periods instead of trying to act nonchalantly cool while doing all of the above. It’s a wonderful, wonderful gift to worship him with; one that I know full well I’m not deserving of.

Nonchalantly cool: “I’m not trying reeeeall hard to look cool, bro. But hey, I am”

P.P.S – Stumbled on an old hymn entitled “Great is Thy Faithfulness” and immediately realized that it was a great move not to call that “Great is My Faithfulness”. As in me. My laundry list of head-scratchers includes the trivial (trying to act like a nonchalantly cool high-schooler in front of a certain cute workmate and failing miserably) and the this-could-potentially-be-serious (like channeling the dark side of the force during moments where I could’ve reacted like a Christ-follower should). But he’s still faithful and willing to watch me get over my mistakes, and there really is no shadow of turning with him. And that’s another thing I know full well I’m not deserving of.


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