Job Description

At the place where I am (so far) gainfully employed, we had to “clearly define” our job and skill set. Pretty hard to do, even after almost 7 months of working there. I mean, really, there are only so many ways to fluff up saying “I make and edit Microsoft Excel files” before it goes overboard.

“I’m a data miner, son. I mine data. From Microsoft’s Office”

Which leads me to a different “job” description:


Background and other professional history: Family, educational, financial, social and any other -al background is unimportant. Inspiration comes from everywhere, from beautiful, afternoon sunsets to 10 minute bathroom breaks.

Skills required: an open mind and willing hands. 1/4 of the actual work is looking for “light-bulb moments” from the things around you. The other 3/4 consists of finding the time and the words to articulate it.

Other non-work related activities: occasionally moonlights as a yuppie who found his way into the corporate world. The definition of moonlighting here is from “when the sun shines until the moon is lighting” which is roughly 8AM-6:30PM, Philippine time, Monday to Friday.

Hours on the job: varies with respect to available time after moonlighting. Can take as little as an hour or as long as long as the crack of dawn, when it’s almost time to moonlight again. Administered beatings and striking to the cranium area with solid objects (such as a wall) may help keep the hours low, but has yet to be proven . The art and science of trying to get people to “get it” and not sound like a drunken, babbling mess is one that takes years and years to hone.

Salary and compensation: mostly nothing save for the fulfillment of knowing you wrote your heart out and put out a piece that was truly “you”. Can occasionally translate into actual, spendable compensation to reinforce that fulfilling feeling.

Exhibit A: Positive Reinforcement

 Perks and fringe benefits: no holidays, no breaks, and no days off the job. Should the need arise, it will mean using up what little free time you would have had to rest, sleep and pet your dog. When you love what you’re doing, however, isn’t it enough to say you’re too busy having fun to take a break?

 Answer: Probably.

What would your non-corporate “job” resume look like?


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