Post-Easter Post (see what I did there?)

After almost a month of resting from playing (does that happen? resting from having fun? is that possible? you tell me), I recently got back into the act of  “Bingo” Sunday playing (which is a joke we use sometimes in the team for playing all three Sunday services).  Fitting, I guess that we just so happened to be playing on Easter Sunday, which is the Christian equivalent of God powerbombing Death and Sin through a table).

If ever I was remotely corny with my illustration, this video dispels all notion of that.

– After what seemed like a million years, we played Mighty to Save. I can’t remember why I liked the song: was it the guitar parts (which gives me all the excuses in the world to use my Wah Pedal) or the message that the song was conveying. I’m scared to death that thought even crossed my mind.

– Fortunately the sermon for that week reminded me how much God loved me enough to powerbomb Death and Sin through a table despite my obsession with my Wah pedal.

– Finished playing the last set simply grateful for the opportunity to be making music and giving my talents back and not caring if I’d never make a cent doing so. And before you think that means I played flawlessly, no. For All You’ve Done is in the Key of E. I played in F#. Major. Cool fact of the day: There is no F# Major in the key of E. Ouch.

– Lest anyone think this is all Easter Sunday related, no. I’ve begun to grow to love my job. And workmates. It’s not where I want to be 10 years into the future, and I’ve got a lot of things on my to-do list before I even come close to achieving my dream. But for now? I’m blessed to be where I am. Straight up.

– Interestingly enough, this week starts a series of “occupied” weeks where it’s play, work, play and more play-at-work without much downtime. Still blessed.

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter. That God chose to die for us, and rose again to make sure we have hope? Overwhelming. Like powerbombing sin….

I guess that’s enough wrestling illustrations for now. And these are the Dudley Boyz, by the way. Bubba Ray and D-Von. The best tag team to ever use tables. Now I shall keep quiet.


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