Not exactly a word you’d associate with a summer outing.

Having just wrapped up our first “major concert” as a band, it was high time for us to be grabbing some rest after almost a week of non-stop practice. It was too good to be true, I thought to myself. As it turns out, it was.

I’m a firm believer of seasons in life. As much as it is important to have downtime to reflect and synthesize all that’s going on around, too much rest makes you, well, a bum, in short. Sometimes, the season calls for putting one’s foot on the gas pedal and not letting up. Sometimes the season calls for rolling one’s sleeves up and getting to work. As such, being swamped by a to-do list of things stretching a bit longer than my usual liking is not necessarily a bad thing; in fact, it may be a challenge to push myself harder and forget about slacking off. 400729_4573001198375_1980357599_n

Best compliment of the night: “Dude. nice tone. very punchy without losing articulation”

Strangest compliment of the night: “Uh. you were playing with them, right?” Yeah. Uh. I was holding my guitar for a reason I think?

Without much ado, I’d like to air my to-do list for the general public to see. Not for anyone to go “oh man, that’s a lot of things to do”, but mainly for me to get myself giddy reading about how my social life will end for the next month or so (which is not a bad thing, in actuality):

Played for our company’s summer outing –  As mentioned above, done. In the books. Finis. The ice cream’s in the freezer and it’s freezing like ice cream does. Two grueling weeks (and one all-nighter before the big day) of practice later, and Centrifugal Motion (our band’s unofficial name) can now resume daily life as office-dwelling yuppies.

One lesson picked up over our “after party” of McRonald fries, burgers and drinks was how I’ve overlooked small talk and simple laughs with friends. Last I checked, Christ himself was willing to look stupid in the eyes of the world by associating with people most “holy” folks would never care to be in the same room with. Not that I’m saying that my friends are mass murderers, swindlers or anything (at least, not to my knowledge). Far from it.  But if I am to show them a good example of how a Christ-follower lives his life, I’d be better off genuinely caring for them as people for a start instead of burying them under a litany of Scripture.

Second important lesson: All nighter’s don’t feel like all-nighters once you’re playing through one of these. Or two. Two would be better.

Accepted a new writing assignment for a magazine – Still in progress. Scary to think how my mentor is trusting me to interview some of the featured guests by myself and finish the articles by the first week of May. But she’s my mentor, and she probably sees something in me I don’t. Challenge willingly and ably accepted.

Stuff in the summer that have everything to do with kids, recital pieces and 80’s Hair Metal – In progress, but slowly approaching. Having given my “uhuh, yeah, sure” to my friend, I am now partially in charge of some kids and their upcoming music school recital somewhere in the middle of May. If we’re doing song hits across the 1960’s-2000’s, I’m calling the 80’s. Because, it’s the 80’s.

And no, it is not above me to go dressed as one of these guys.

My twice-a-month “journalistic” responsibility – In progress indefinitely. Wracking my brain for topics to write about (and subjecting my seatmates to hearing me argue with myself) bi-weekly has been a normalcy that I’ve welcomed. I’m challenged by it, but have always savored the challenge. To paraphrase the Parable of the Talents, I’m embracing my Christian responsibility to multiply my one “gosh I think I’m good at this” God-given gift and do my very best to bless others with it.

Major Mid-Year Matter –  One challenge that a group of friends and I took to do our part marketing this project over and above our scope of influence. For now, that is all I can say. Watch out for updates sooner rather than later.

Rest? Now? Too swamped for that. Maybe when one of my arms fall off, or when I start slurring my speech.

Game on.


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