Consistently Inconsistent

(As much as the title can also be referring to my blog and/or exercise habits, no. But I have been pretty terrible at both of those as of late 😉 )

– So after the NBA concludes it’s 2012-2013 season (and despite the fact that my bet, the Houston Rockets, were eliminated from contention almost two months prior to that), my nights are suddenly empty. No more huddling over after dinner to watch the highlights from the games for the day, at least, not until around November. This should leave me with more time to write and promote this blog. Right? Right?

– Just to lay it out while everything’s still fresh: I like basketball. I like LeBron James and the Miami Heat. As much as I wanted them to not be champs this year, they were. Props to them for that. What I don’t like are rabid fans that take everything too personally. Fellas, it’s a perfect time to be watching TV and slapping high fives with total strangers (which is what my brother and I did  watching the 2006 playoffs at a grillhouse in Hong Kong) and you’re threatening to wipe out each other’s families over trash-talk? There’s hardly enough time in a day to get our stuff done, let’s not waste it hating each other for comments that won’t matter in a week or two.

So am I saying we group hug and make up? Maybe. Yeah, somewhere in the realm of  ” maybe definitely not”.

Played last Sunday service with a very minimalistic approach. And humbuckers.  Loads of tones and textures to be found by playing around with the volume knob, a wah pedal and amp overdrive. World of difference between single coils and humbuckers. As much as single coil pickups on guitars can sing at certain settings, there’s something about the thickness of the sound of humbucking pickups that “spoke” to me that particular week. At least, I’m hoping it spoke to me well enough that I wasn’t a distraction on stage last Sunday 😀

– Despite me going all “fanboy” for humbucking pickups, there’s no way I’m trading in my old faithful (which I’ve blogged about before). I’m putting this as a disclaimer before my Strat gets all emotional and refuses to let me play it for a month ;).

– Recently our church’s direction had been to include more hymns into our Sunday worship services. It’s been a terrifying experience for me, to say the least. Not terrifying in a sense that we have to think of new ways to rearrange these hymns; that part has been pretty fun so far ( where, for me,  rearranging hymns = playing it like U2 would. uhuh. yes. very original). The terrifying part starts when I’m singing these songs and noticing how, many times, it seems like my words have become consistently inconsistent with my walk. Is it possible to sing “Holy, Holy, Holy” with closed eyes, loud voices and raised hands and then proceed to use “holy” in conjuction with a word that rhymes with “spit” the next instant? It very well may be; I’ve done the same thing more times than I can count. It’s those situations where, to paraphrase A.W Tozer, we first declare how we are nothing before God  and then next proceed to give snide remarks to that server who can’t seem to get our lunch orders right.  Is God’s grace more than enough to cover for these slip-ups that happen? Of course. But we (meaning me, myself and I) could put up more of an effort to closely match our walk and talk. The book of John talks about people knowing us as Christ-followers for our love and compassion for one another, and it disappoints me to think of how many people have known me to be a Christ-follower based on how condescending and holier-than-thou I was (just like “all other” Christ-followers had been).

Not that I wanted this post to end on a heavy note, but it’s been something that I’ve been running through my head for quite some time now. I know that something exciting will come up and I’ll probably forget about all my self-examination after that, but really, I’d rather not. I’d like to think I’m mature enough to know that true worship is not when I’m onstage, amps blaring and guitar swinging wildly in the air, but in times when no one is watching and I think I can compromise a little, but don’t. It’s time those moment became more consistent with my “resumé”, so to speak. And over and above anything, God’s grace is larger and deeper than anyone can comprehend. There’s a perfect reason, as one of my pastor’s put it, that the song was entitled “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” and not “Great Is MY Faithfulness”. It puts a level of comfort that, despite my efforts falling short most of the time, greater still is grace that pushes me to keep trying and trying until I get it right.

But since a new toy of mine is arriving within this week, I’ll probably forget everything I just posted up there 😉

As shiny and sleek as that looks? No. Not forgetting. I think.


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